Connecting with your passed over loved ones

How to connect to passed over loved ones

It’s the 21st century. Everyone is reachable anytime with the click of a button. So why isn’t it like that with our passed over loved ones?

Imagine a mediumship app where we get a guaranteed connection to our loved ones who are now gone.

It might be like Facebook, where the closest to you are on speed dial, and some sadly even blocked.

There is an app, and it’s you. You can connect with your passed over loved ones right now.

As soon as we think of them, there’s a connection.

Just like when we think of someone close and they text us – it’s the same idea.

The connection is love.

Love is the secret fuel that makes it easy to connect to passed over loved ones – because they are just a thought away. Even though they are not here with us physically, their love is.

That’s why evidential mediums may tell you things happening in your life since that special person has passed away.

It’s because those ones are still in your life and can see you. A good medium will be aware of that and pass it on. They are letting you know they are still around and supporting you.

Connecting to your loved ones in Spirit – the signs.

When we want to be the app ourselves, we notice their presence in signs and feelings, rather than direct verbal messages.

The signs are clear: The shiver in the aura when we feel them close, or a whiff of Grandad’s Old Spice aftershave.

Loved ones can come in vivid dreams that feel very real – that’s because they are! We call them ‘visitations’, as dreams are one of the few times our mind is relaxed and open (unless we are regular meditators).

Funky things happening in the house is a great sign they are there, once you get over the surprise of the odd picture falling over, or cupboard doors opening. It’s never spooky, and usually a sign that they want to let you know something.

That’s when it’s time to book an evidential medium. Booking a professional medium is like upgrading the app – you’re ready for more than feathers and fragrances.

Mediumship is a team effort

Even though it’s an ‘app upgrade’ to book an evidential medium, there’s still no guarantee the beloved one you want will come right away.

Mediumship doesn’t work like that, but you can feel safe knowing that your medium will be working hard on behalf of the spirit work and you to get the right info and messages through.

Mediumship is a team effort, where everyone plays their part.

The medium makes the best effort to bring exact information that’s specific and relatable, so you can feel reassured that it is indeed your favourite Aunt whose laugh sounded like a horse and whose chipped vase you still have in the house.

How you can help

When booking a reading, have in mind the ones you’d love to connect with. In your mind, ask them to come and spend time thinking of them.

Sending them love is like a satellite beam direct from your heart to theirs, and if the medium is a good match for their energies, they will come through loud and clear.

Accept the ones who come, knowing that, unlike Netflix, spirit people are not on demand.

Feeling them close, having vivid dreams and funky coincidences are always the spirit world that lets you know they are. still there in your life, and that love is the fuel that keeps the connection going, even after they pass.

All the usual signs and signals are there for you to take as a message, and if you feel you are ready to move beyond feathers to an evidential mediumship reading, you know a little more about what to expect.

As an evidential medium, I love to create reunions between you and your loved ones. Sittings are 30 mins and can be done in person or on Zoom.

If you’d like to book one, click here.

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