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How to connect to your Spirit Guides

Lets get one thing sorted: Everyone is psychic and everyone can connect to their spirit guides. Ability to connect with spirit is part of our DNA, we’re born with it. The same intuitive senses that told us the sabre toothed tiger was outside the cave, are the same gut feelings we have today.

We want our spirit guides to talk, but we don’t know how to listen.

We think our guides have gone quiet, but they’re constantly communicating. We just need to develop our intuition to a place where we hear them on a regular basis. While we’re all born with the ability to sense the unseen world, for some it kicks in more than others.

Our super senses may snooze for a long time before being prodded awake, or they may lie comatose, ignorant of the unseen world around them. The comatose ones have a name: muggles. But you’re not a muggle. You want to talk with your guides and you want to hear them now.

Four essential elements to Spirit Guide connection:

1. The natural gifts included in your birth package.

2. The amount of extra potential snoozing on the sidelines.

3. How much passion burns in desire for the connection

4. How hard you want to work.

There was a guy in my salsa class. He was more passion than ability, and way more snooze. His birth package gave him three left feet. Dancing with him was like a shopping trolley with a dud wheel. Week after week, my toes hid inside my shoes. Week after week salsa guy danced on with a big grin. He knew he was terrible, but he loved to dance. Three months and seven purple pinkies later, something strange happened; salsa guy could dance.

Suddenly he was all hips and twirls and the girls lined up for his Cuban moves. While it looked like a miracle, it was actually his snoozing potential waking up. By turning up week after week, with genuine love, his full original serving of dance DNA finally kicked in. He didn’t slink off after the 3rd bruised toe, he hung in with a smile and a never-give-up attitude.

If we want to hear our Spirit Guides, we have to work.

Even Mozart, who scrambled to write down the symphonies he heard while sleeping, had music lessons. He just happened to be born with an extra large serving of natural talent and an open connection to his higher musical self.

No one can MAKE you hear your spirit guides. It isn’t an instant connection like Netflix, it’s a magical combination of the four elements above.Natural gifts, snoozing potential, sincere desire and plain old elbow grease.

A sincere desire to connect with higher guidance draws the right books, workshops and teachers, and nudges a slumbering potential to wake up. Over time, with dedication, you’ll be able to spot what’s guidance and what’s imagination.

Developing an expanded higher sense and an intuition you can trust has always been done the slow cook method. There is no drive-thru and the best results come over time, as your guides work behind the scenes getting their side of things ready for optimal connection. It’s up to us to raise our awareness up to a level they can reach. Connecting to our guidance is always a team sport; a mixture of workshops, one to one mentoring and personal discovery.

Spiritual growth gets better over time

Every book ever read, every workshop and conversation all build towards the goal. No time in meditation is ever wasted even when it seems like nothing is happening. When the magical time arrives and your guides blend close, you will have a strong and steady baseline of training, the elbow grease of hard work has paid off, and the snoozing potential is now awake.

Quickening our potential is what we do in my online small group course: My Psychic Soul. There are specific exercises designed to bring you closer to your guides, and to know finally that they are there. It’s quite a beautiful thing and worth the work. This powerful mentoring program is only offered a few times a year.

Check out the link to find out more or get on the waiting list for the next one.

My Psychic Soul OG

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