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The difference between psychic reading and coaching

So many readings portray themselves as a psychic connection when it’s just advice with nice tarot cards. Sometimes we all love some guidance and direction, but being told what to do isn’t part of a psychic reading.

This might be a bit controversial, so get ready to have your OMG face handy, or at least a cup of tea. A regular client recently had a reading and it didn’t sit right. Here’s what she said:

“I know each reader has a different style, but if a reading talks mainly about suggestions on clearing emotional blockages to pursue a career and sounds more like advice than a psychic reading, is it a reading?

Ever been told what to do in a reading?

One that began with advice right off the bat? With no background information or even the things leading up to the present situation? I bet that felt hollow.

Some guidance based readings are clothed behind guides’ words, and even then, as a guide, they won’t tell you what to do. More than that, a Spirit Guide proves their work with info that no one else could know. They’re interested in their credibility and won’t predict the future, or give advice.

Spirit guides prove their connection

If a reading has guides popping in with info, get ready to hear the proof. Guides will demonstrate their cred with background info of the past, not just the future. Like trained psychics, they will show their connection with evidence.

Evidence is proof. Stuff you can say yes to. Evidence is information and facts about the past or what led to the situation that you’re currently seeking advice on. Just like a doctor will demonstrate their expertise in a diagnosis, a psychic demonstrates  ‘psychic-ness’ with evidence.

If a reading isn’t evidence-based, (stuff that has you thinking, “Oh my God, how do they know that? ) It’s a guidance-based reading. It’s advice, or coaching.

A psychic reading touches your soul

It will have information that results in” “OMG yes, that’s so true about my past and present.”

A psychic reading outlines what’s already going on in a way that gives clarity, aha moments and inspires your own decisions. There’s no coaching, action steps or advice. At least without first proving the reality of their psychic connection with more accurate info about your past or present.

Spirit guides never tell you what to do.

The hint is in the name: Guide. Guides will never tell you what to do. It probably isn’t coming from guides,  it’s coming from them. (I’ve written a heap on this in other places in the blog – take a peek)

Not that this means the reader is deceiving. They may honestly not be aware of the difference, and my experience is most readers are genuinely interested in helping and being of service in the best way they can. I know several right now that have a brilliant psychic connection, yet still may feel shy to totally own their brilliance and prefer to hide their light behind the words of their guides.

Tell me about your guidance based reading

Has this changed your idea of what a psychic reading is? Do you want to argue? Great – come sit on with me on the soapbox, there’s plenty of room. Let’s continue the rant below in the comments.

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