how to know when you're ready for psychic training

How to know you’re ready for psychic training

There’s an awesome psychic course run by a funky psychic mentor, or a great spiritual development group with like minded people, but there’s a feeling of not being ready. Those fear tingles? It’s a good sign.

Truth is, no one ever feels ready for anything, (think childbirth, walking on the moon or doing taxes,) there are three signs that next psychic course might be a good fit for you.

Recently a lovely psychic graduate was thinking of upgrading to my monthly membership. She felt it would be like swimming in the big kids’ pool, but she had reservations that really boiled down to one thing: Am I good enough? (She was.)

Three ways to tell if you’re ready for psychic training:

Even though no one feels totally ready, the soul has always been ready. Your soul’s waited patiently for you to come along the path, laid out carefully spaced breadcrumbs to follow, gently nudging you along the path of spiritual growth.

Have you ever felt like the right course, mentorship or retreat was almost made for you.? That’s the soul doing its job. It’s led you on unique stepping stones to get you exactly the point that you’re at now.

The soul is always a little ahead, patiently waiting for you to catch up.

The second way to know you’re ready for psychic training is funky coincidences. Certain people pop up at just the right time. A book fairly stalks you around till one day, there it is in a jumble sale or a friend passes it on.

Funky coincidences are a universal sign and usually have a touch of magic. When the synchronicities occur – take note!

Fear tingles

Frankly, if you didn’t have that little tingle of fear when considering your next psychic step, I’d be worried.

The fear tingles are very human and it means that next step is seriously considered and already impacting on you. Fear tingles are the nervous system’s way of registering the potential growth about to happen.

Without that tingle of fear, the decision might be coming from the ego and will lead to eventual disappointment when the ego doesn’t actually get its prize. Best way to deal with fear tingles? Feel them and do it anyway.

Three ways to tell when you’re not ready:

Maybe your soul says it’s not time yet. Listen to that. Synchronicities happen in reverse. Emails evaporate from the inbox. The laptop freezes just as the button to sign up is hit.

Reverse signs are just as important and it means it’s not time yet. Take the pressure off and reflect. When the time is right everything will flow forwards again.



Suddenly the soul knows we aren’t ready, and there’s an urgent need to become a reiki master instead, or like I nearly did- commit to a three year transpersonal counselling diploma because I didn’t feel good enough to offer psychic readings.

There’s even a name for it; Procrati-coursing; filling the not good enough gap with more training. Being a Reiki Master is wonderful if that’s the soul calling. But what a shame if it was just masking a feeling of not being ready yet?

Sudden issues from out of the blue

The third way the soul signals the time isn’t right is with sudden issues out of the blue.  Friends drop in from nowhere, someone gets sick, or simply forgets to turn up.

Again, it’s not bad, just a sign. Being psychic means we have our antennas especially attuned for signs. It’s okay, your soul is gently saying, it’s not time. Yet.

You’ll notice there’s a word that pops up here as we’re talking and it’s the word: Yet.

This is all done with the utmost love, this soul guidance. yet our human parts love to second guess. We assume we’re somewhere else on the soul path than where we are and then our guides and helpers step in to lovingly show us something more appropriate. All the universe is doing is making space for that next perfect thing to come.

I would not have been where I am now on my spiritual journey if I had waited till I was ready. In fact, I procrastinated for 10 years of my precious life, and I don’t want you to do that.

Don’t be an old lady like me before you really start moving. Feel the fear tingle and click that button anyway. Join that beautiful spiritual retreat. Be part of that development circle.

We turn up because we’re answering a soul call.  The soul is guiding us there. It knows where we’re going. It has the compass and we’re just trotting along for the ride.

Moving through this blog, did you notice your own thrill of fear? Notice how you feel about working with a certain mentor or psychic training course. Notice if things are magically just lining up. Or if they are not. Because that will be the sign that you’re ready.

And if you’re ready, I’d love to chat with you.

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