when you didnt ask for that reading

Psychic readings you didn’t ask for

You’re with a friend catching up over a glass of wine. Then without warning, she launches into psychic mode, giving a reading you didn’t ask for. It’s awkward. One minute it’s all fun and selfies, the next minute the dynamics shift and it’s a reading. What happened?

You just got a reading you didn’t ask for.

Unsolicited psychic readings are weird because the consent wasn’t there.

There’s a certain big-haired TV psychic in New York whose show is all about accosting strangers in the street with unsolicited readings.  The show loves to capture the stunned faces of the recipients, as she drops her non-consensual nuggets and runs. It might work for reality shows but in real life?

Not so much.

Back to you and bestie and that glass of wine.

You didn’t ask for the reading. All you wanted was quality time with your friend. Then the energy shifts.


The power dynamics shift

Like a compass swinging off true north, the chardonnay catch-up shifted course, and maybe you want to want to steer it back. The dynamic shifts from the easy equal energy of friends catching up, to different roles.

An unsolicited reading changes the energy

An unsolicited reading tips the power to one side. It’s an implication one person knows more than the other. One minute it’s peers catching up, the roles flip to reader and recipient.

unsolicited psychic reading

I’ve done it

How do I know this?  Because I’ve done it! It only happened once but I still replay it in my head. Why did I bang on a neighbours door waking his child up to tell him a psychic message?

Because I didn’t know any better at the time.

I was so excited about my newly developed abilities, that I had no filter.  Like someone who’s just found God, I was eager to share the good news. Most of the time, those who give unsolicited readings, are just excited and want to help. It comes from a good place. They just forgot to get permission first.

How to handle a reading you didn’t ask for

Is this your friend? Of course, you love them and know they mean well. But it’s also time to let them know gently that an unasked-for psychic reading might not be appropriate at that time.

Thank them politely and say something like, “Thank you so much, I’ll think about it,” then change the subject – FAST.

There’s no requirement to take on the information. It was unsolicited.  If it’s awkward, thank them and change the conversation. Continue to love your friend, knowing they are coming from a beautiful place and still learning the psychic ropes.

Of course, if the reading is full of drama or weird, maybe it’s time to rethink the relationship.

How to avoid giving unsolicited readings

You’re psychic, you want to share – of course. If you are with someone and you DO receive some info relating to them, check in first. Tell them you have some insights and ask if they want them. That way the choice is theirs to receive the insight or not. It also gives them the chance to prepare. The sitter needs to be in a receptive state.

If they don’t, offer the option for another time. They will appreciate you respecting their choice of timing, and you keep your friends.

Want more psychic etiquette?

This and other gems are handed over in bucket loads in my You Tube Videos . Got another reading etiquette question? Send me a message, I’d love to write a blog post just for you.

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