A good psychic reading guides you towards more power, confirmation and inspiration and less fear. It makes you feel good about the choices made and excited for the potential futures to come.

A good psychic reading reinforces your natural strengths and highlights how your soul wants you to be loved, safe and happy. You’re in charge of your life and paying good money for a reading, here’s how to get a good one:

Forget “will I..” questions

“Will I ever be…?” Does that sound like something a savvy 21st-century woman would say? NO!  We know you want to be zooming down the highway of your life with the wind in your hair, so ditch the “will I” questions.

There’s always, always a choice and nobody can tell you how things will turn out. A good reading offers potentials, but because you are in charge of your life, nothing’s ever written in stone. Be uber careful of readers predicting the future because no one can!

The future lies in your hands only. Take your beautiful and precious power back where it belongs by asking more about what you might need to know about XXX, or the life lessons in store to bring xxxx closer to you. See the difference? One is handing all your power over to a great external “fate” and the other is a magical partnership of your possible future. Which one would you prefer?





We can’t predict the future

At a networking dinner small talk, I made the mistake of telling my dinner partner I was clairvoyant. She reeled back in terror and never spoke to me again. It was a long night and I drank a lot of wine. I have no idea what she thought, but it’s better than being asked the lotto numbers.

Psychics don’t know everything, but we can tap into future potentials and the direction an energy might go. Given we all have free will, I’ll always pass on messages about future things, with the caveat that it can change.


We don’t know everything about you

Not your deepest darkest secrets or what colour undies you have on. Unless it’s relevant to the reading I won’t know you haven’t paid tax for five years or that time you stole a chocolate bar at the corner shop.

If it’s important, I’ll know. Also sometimes I won’t know – if your Guides don’t show me, it’s because we’re not meant to know, and that’s always an interesting situation. A good reader won’t make it up, though, they will say they are unable to see into that and leave it there.

Ask for yourself, not someone else

Why spend a reading asking about someone else? “Is he cheating on me?’” “What does she think of me?”. Feeling insecure about something might be at the basis of these questions. Instead, let’s talk about how you can feel more trust and where that energy might be coming from.

I’ll talk for days about your life and your stuff, but snooping into someone else’s is a no-no. It’s kinda icky too – a psychic reading is with permission and your future boyfriend may not have given his. Instead, let’s focus on you and the amazing things in your life.


You’ll feel the truth of it

Ever had the shivers or goosebumps when someone says something you know in your bones is true? That’s what good reading does. A psychic peeks into your energy field and senses potentials, possibilities and future plans. The shiniest ones are the ones they talk about.

Here’s the magic: 99% of the time, that possibility will also light up in YOU.  You might get goosebumps and shivers because your soul feels the truth of it.

I do a lot of business readings, and with my inner eyes, certain business directions light up like airport runways before take off. If there’s a path a client wants to take and the lights along the runway are on and bright, our spirit teams have signaled to take off. Likewise, if the runaway’s dark, with missing lights, that fight path may not be ideal, or there’s more tarmac time before she can fly.


How to get a good reading

Most of all, relax. You’ve come to a clairvoyant to get another look; a way round an issue from another angle. It’s exciting getting a reading, but arriving flustered and anxious clouds up the energy field and makes it harder to tune in. The best thing to do is reduce the static, and stay open to what comes. Take a few moments to gather your self and your thoughts. Think about the questions and areas you want insight with and how to frame them.

I always record the session, so there’s a replay to listen to when needed, and it makes the experience so much more fun – there’s no missing out! If you’re ready, put your seat in the upright position and enjoy the flight. Psychic readings for personal or business start at 30 mins and go up to an hour for an in-depth report or full-year forecast.

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