Not sure of if it’s a Spirit Guide? Here’s the key things to identify a Spirit guide and how to know it’s real. Forget knowing their names or how famous they were – the real test is the quality of information and how they help. A guide feels loving and compassionate, and never tells you what to do.


My new guide

Last year I felt the presence of a new Guide. As I felt into it, I was aware it was a woman and that was awesome because I’d asked for a female Guide. Her energy felt strong, not like the energy of a loved one from the Spirit World. Throughout the next couple of days, I got more confirmations of her presence and gradually an image of her built up in my mind. She was definitely Egyptian, with a high forehead, and I remembered back to happy days as a child reading Egyptian sections in encyclopedias.

I knew I had a new guide. All I knew was she felt Egyptian and had a high forehead. So what did my mind do with this information? It leapt to a very fancy conclusion: Nefertiti. Now she probably wasn’t Nefertiti, in fact I highly doubt that. But my mind REALLY wanted to make it fit.




Avoid mental embroidery

Here’s where we get tripped up again and again: Our psychic perception receives a little bit of juicy info, then if we aren’t trained to notice when the conscious mind steps in to make sense of the story, it can add extra bits in that don’t belong. We call it mental embroidery and it’s a normal thing for minds to do.  As we work more with intuitive info we learn to spot where we ’embroidered” and learn to stick to only what we get. There’s a great saying in the psychic/medium world: give what you get.

In my case my ego wanted Nefertiti for a new guide, but the evidence was only an Egyptian lady with a high forehead. That’s all. I didn’t see a majestic woman in all her finery, or any statues – just her. Given the ancient Egyptian dynasties went for thousands of years, I’m guessing there was more than one lady fitting that description. But my mind still wanted the embroidered version.


How to identify a spirit guide

Does it mean we’re fooling ourselves? Only when we don’t stay objective. When we learn to notice ONLY what’s received and leave the embroidery alone. When it doesn’t feel quite right, you will eventually know. Identifying a Spirit Guide means to observe only the information you receive. Notice how it FEELS. A guide will feel very loving and compassionate, and only be there to help.

If they feel scary, or order you about it isn’t a Spirit Guide and I have a whole other blog about that– but spoiler alert: It isn’t a negative entity or a demon or even the boogie man. Need more info to be sure?



The guide to Spirit Guides

Here’s a handy free resource to help you decide if it’s a Guide or not. Designed to answer questions and not pose more. Find out if an animal can be a Guide and how to get better messages. Remember they’re here for our spiritual growth and will have that mission first – so sometimes they won’t be answering ALL the questions, especially if it’s about where to eat or getting that perfect park. Access your guide to Spirit Guides here.





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