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Intuition vs Law of Attraction

If something happens, is it because we manifested it, or was it intuition or divine?

What’s the difference, anyway?

Intuition we know is inner tuition, the voice of the soul. It’s listening to the subtle messages that are always coming to us from the divine. We know there’s a greater power out there, that we are part of.

For intuition to work, it implies a surrender of sorts. We recognise we aren’t God, and we get out of her way in order to let her do her job. Surrendering is hard because not doing something feels powerless. But letting go might be exactly what’s needed.

Surrendering is choosing not to swim upstream, and go with the flow letting the Divine take the lead, knowing we aren’t God, therefore we can’t ‘manifest’ anything. Does this strike you as weird?

Intuition or Law of Attraction?

Do we let the divine take the lead, knowing that everything is okay, that we are a passenger, we are just going with the flow, rather than issuing out a giant checklist of our demands to Source?

Our giant shopping list of wishes, from world peace to the latest iPhone. When we issue a shopping list to the universe, of our demands, whether it be on a vision board, a meditation, or just writing down our goals every day t’s still a shopping list of demands. And when it doesn’t come, we suffer.

When manifesting doesn’t work, we assume something’s wrong, or there’s a dreaded block that needs to be ‘healed’.

Maybe God has a better plan for us

When it doesn’t happen, when we don’t get our six-figure business or our boyfriend or that dream job or the new iPhone, maybe God has a better plan for us.

Perhaps she’s saying, “I love you too much to give it to you just now.” Because there’s a difference between manifesting and just allowing the surrender of a greater plan to unfold. One has a ton of control and work, and the other has a ton of surrender.

Knowing that letting go of the outcome is part of working with intuition, life gets so much easier. Realising we are just a piece of the puzzle, rather than the whole puzzle, takes away the stress.

intuition or law of Attraction

Another difference between intuition and LOA

With intuition and surrender, our palms are open, saying, “Here, have this. I’m offering this desire up to you. I’m open to receiving whatever’s coming, because know I’m not in charge.”

But with the law of attraction or manifesting, the hands are not open, they grab. They reach for the thing they want. How can the Divine place the thing we want into a hand that is closed?

But with the grabbing hand it’s hard for the Universe to flow and allow anything to happen.


Who’s in charge of manifesting?

Ultimately, I believe it’s not us. I don’t want God’s job, do you? What a big job she has! That’s my take on the difference between intuition and the law of attraction. One is us going with the power, and the other one is pretending we are the power. I know we are powerful, but I don’t think we’re all that powerful and I’d rather give that job to God.

I wonder what you think. I’d love to hear what you have to say. Message me in the comments below.

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