Love is the message

Spirit Guides: Love is the message

The first time I entered a new age crystal shop in the early 90’s, it felt like home. I skipped work to hang out there, with it’s gentle music New Age books.

With a fascination for tarot cards and Ouija boards from the age of eleven, New Age shops were a childhood wonderland.

With its smells and sparkly calmness, my soul lit up. All I wanted was to be nearer to a feeling of love and acceptance I imagined the unseen world to have.

The New Age world led me to Spirit Guides – and I fell in love with the mystical stories about how they interact with us.

I learned the Spirit World love to interact with us and have nothing but love. Evidential mediums who work alongside their guides are devoted to a pure connection, sharing their messages and philosophy with the rest of the world.


Spirit guides the message is love

Then suddenly spirit guides became superstars

It was as if the pop star posters came down and Spirit Guide portraits went up. Spirit guides now had jurisdiction over all manner of life, weighing in on everything from the next holiday location to scoring a park in busy shopping centres.

Spirit Guides with ordinary backstories were rare, as if an important life in this world means an important life in the next. And that just didn’t feel right to me.

If it’s true we all have Spirit helpers with us from before we’re born that know us intimately and love us despite our faults and foibles, does it really matter if they were famous or who they were?

Think of your own beloveds, either friends or family. Ones who love you no matter what. What makes them important is the love they have for us.

Celebrity-rock-star Spirit Guide or loving and kind personal guide – which one would you prefer?What makes them important is the love they have for us. Not who they are.

For Spirit Guides, love is the message

Even after all the books, courses and training, I still don’t know my Spirit Guides personally. Not through a failing, but from an understanding born from sitting in the stillness under the eyes of wonderful mentors.

They helped me understand a Spirit Guide isn’t the latest fashion accessory. They showed me how an experience of the Spirit World is much more sustainable than an idea and at last, my eleven year old self found what she was looking for.

I feel their presence, but not as individuals, just a warm loving feeling. What’s changed is the level of confidence in their presence and to listen to the hunches and little thought voices that pop up.

Like the way my iTunes switched on yesterday playing a certain song right at the time I needed help on how to help someone in a difficult situation. David Bowie’s Rock’n’ Roll Suicide to the rescue:

Oh no, love! You’re not alone

You’re watching yourself but you’re too unfair

You got your head all tangled up

But if I could only make you care

Oh no, love! You’re not alone

No matter what or who you’ve been

No matter when or where you’ve seen

All the knives seem to lacerate your brain

I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain
You’re not alone!

There’s only one message from our Guides: Love.

That’s it. Love is the message from our Guides. We aren’t alone. And even though we may not have a rock n roll superstar as a guide, they are all superstars in their love for us. If only we’d untangle our heads to listen.

With all the noise about them online, I didn’t want to add any more, but my myth-busting side rose to the fore to contribute in a way that may make your own experiences more valid, even if you don’t happen to have a rockstar for a Spirit Guide.

Download the Guide to Spirit Guides here and I wish you a heartfelt connection to yours.

Guide to Spirit Guides

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