reboot your intuition

Reboot your intuition

When intuition works it feels fabulous, doesn’t it? Things flow and every small sign becomes a guidepost. But what about when it’s not that easy? When doubt creeps in, it’s just as easy to write those signs off as co-incidences.

Dreams fade and gut feelings become indigestion. With a stressful life, intuition can go offline. Here are five things to reboot your intuition, plus a handy free guidebook to download.

1. Everyone is psychic

Even you. It’s how we’re born and part of who we are. We are gifted with the ability to sense subtle shifts and changes around us. If you’ve ever met anyone with an “uncanny knack” for finding lost objects or knew their loved ones weren’t well, that’s intuition at work.

If we’re all born psychic, we can also choose to enhance what’s there. Inner beliefs greatly improve or limit psychic ability.  If you’d like to recognise your intuition more, try this one:

“I AM psychic. I HAVE intuitive abilities.”

Mantras attract the energy that matches the word. Like a mind muscle, we strengthen the belief inside us. Thoughts really are powerful, they can discourage or empower us. What mantra will you choose to reset your intuition?

2. Feel all the feels

The ones you used to notice? They’re still there, but probably drowned out by stress.

Remember when something happened and you thought, “ I had a gut feeling this would happen.” That was intuition. Physically, there’s a sensation between the chest and the belly button. It’s because the seat of out intuition is not the third eye as most people think, it’s the solar plexus. That’s why they call it a “gut feeling.”

Gut feelings can be very quiet at first. Learning to recognise our intuition means we move closer to understand now we feel and use those feelings as a barometer.

There could be a series of small things leading you toward a certain course of action. Perhaps separately they’re easy to ignore, but as you learn to recognise when intuition works, the signs get stronger. Eventually, they build up into an inspiration guiding you to the next action.

3. Get random

Ever had a random thought about someone and then heard from them later? This is also intuition at work. The secret to this is the randomness.

When we’re relaxed and not trying, our intuition is free to roam like an iPhone searching for networks. We are much more open when daydreaming or not thinking of anything in particular. Have you ever said something to a friend and had them say, “I was just going to say that!”

Peak times for random intuitive messages is when your mind is most relaxed, especially the time between waking up and falling asleep.

4. Dream on

Signs you’ve done a reboot on your intuition come in dreams. Dreams are the most common way to receive intuitive messages. From dreaming about something yet to come, to conversations with ones who have passed.

Psychologists say that you’re likely to dream for two hours of a full night’s sleep. That’s a lot of intuitive potential!

Keeping note of vivid dreams in a journal is one way to keep track of intuitive messages and will help you recognise your progress. Often a dream won’t make sense straight away, but the meanings and symbols take form later.

5. Nothing is a coincidence

There are more things to note in an intuitive journal. When we begin to become aware, something in our soul lights up and we notice the greater pattern of the divine around us. Nothing is a coincidence. Seeing frequent numbers is a common sign of the soul spark waking up, and so are meaningful songs heard just at the right time. After a while, the entire world serves as a message if you open your senses.

Now you have five ways to reboot your intuition, get 10 more ways to improve intuition PDF: 

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